Lechenkai is in the region of the Caucasus’ in Souther Russia. It is a small village in the mountains of the Caucasus’. Just outside of the village lays 1000s of world class boulders from 3-6 meters tall. Over the last 10 years locals have been developing the area and over 100 boulders have been established amongst 3 sectors from 5c-8a in difficulty. Large clusters of boulders can be found sitting in the forest, or can be found in wide open fields. If you live in Russia and are serious about bouldering, this would be an excellent destination to come to and test your skills. If you’re from outside of the country, this would also be a great destination to explore and get some first assents on world class boulders. Lechenkai is also home to big cliffs from 30 meters up to 100 meters. These cliffs hold about 6 bolted sport climbs but have the potential for 100s of sport and free climbing routes.