Лига Скалолазание


About the Autumn Climbing League

Terms of participation in the league:

  1. Only 10 years and older participate in the league.
  2. Each member must join the team:
    1. The team consists of three people.
  3. Pay participation:
    1. The cost of participation in the league – 300 rubles per person
    2. Payment is made until 12.11.18 at the cash desk of LLC “Onsight”
    3. The payment is a confirmation of the fact that the participant agrees with this provision on the climbing league and has no complaints.
  4. Comply with safety regulations and rules for visiting the climbing wall of LLC “Onsite – center of active recreation” (hereinafter referred to as TB “Onsight”) in the territory of LLC “Onsight – center of active recreation” (hereinafter referred to as LLC “Onsight”).
    1. You can familiarize yourself with, or remind yourself, at the Onsight LLC ticket office.

Organizers and participants of the league

  1. A visitor to LLC “Onsite” is considered a member of the league when the above requirements are fulfilled.
  2. LLC “Onsight” is the organizer of the league

Date of the league:

  1. The competitive part of the league lasts 6 full weeks:
  2. 11/04/18 – registration of participants and a party, registration on the 1st week is also possible.
  3. 11/05/18 – 12/16/18 – The Climbing League (on weekdays 16: 00-22: 00; on weekends 15: 00-22: 00).
  4. 12/17/18 – summing up and awarding winners with prizes.

Recommended equipment for comfortable participation:

  1. Sportswear
  2. Rock shoes
  3. Bag of magnesia


  1. Each participant is assigned a basic level of climbing by the judges.
    1. If a participant is new to the league, due to the fact that a more “objective” assessment can be given only after 2 weeks of observation, his basic level of climbing can be changed by the judges.
    2. The base level is assigned to participants solely from the subjective experience of the judge, or judges.
    3. Baseline climbing levels of league participants who attend climbing walls on an ongoing basis (at least more than two weeks) are assigned once and cannot be changed throughout the entire league.
    4. The basic level of the participant is the maximum level of difficulty of the course, which the participant can get out of the flash.
  2. Every Monday, participants are waiting for new routes from the league organizers.
    1. The number, quality and character of the tracks is not regulated, and can only be subject to discussion between the participants and the organizers of the league.
    2. Each track has its own unique number and level of difficulty.
  3. Each team, or its members, must submit their completed cards once a week.
    1. The final result of the team depends on the volume and adequacy of the card, be careful and responsible for your team.
    2. Participant cards can be taken, or handed over at the cash register LLC “Onsight.”
    3. The card can be returned any day.
    4. Card Deadline Mon 16:00 – Sun 22:00.
    5. Opposite each traversed track, there should be a list of any participant from their team.
    6. During the whole league, the same route cannot be entered into the card twice or more, otherwise the points of this route will be counted once.
  4. One week in the league is a vacation, i.e. does not count.
    1. Each team can determine their own holidays at their discretion after the end of the league, otherwise the organizers will determine it.
    2. The week with the lowest team score throughout the league will not count.


Rules of the route

  1. With the rules of passage of the slopes can be found in the “Rules of the competition.”
  2. “Competition Rules” can be found on the website of the Russian Climbing Federation: http://cfr.ru/ .
  3. Also on the passage of the tracks you can contact the judges.

Composition of judges and their powers

  1. The League’s judges are the following Onsite employees: Korts Jetton, Adam Kazanchev, Teddy Langaut, and Danifo Gaunova.
  2. All questions and disagreements that have arisen due to the flaws in this provision are discussed with the participants of the league and are resolved in the framework of the TB “Onsite” by the judge (s).
Баллы 100 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000
Базовый уровень
5a B B 5a 5b 5c 6a 6a+
5b B 5a 5b 5c 6a 6a+ 6b
5c 5a 5b 5c 6a 6a+ 6b 6b+
6a 5b 5c 6a 6a+ 6b 6b+ 6c
6a+ 5c 6a 6a+ 6b 6b+ 6c 6c+
6b 6a 6a+ 6b 6b+ 6c 6c+ 7a
6b+ 6a+ 6b 6b+ 6c 6c+ 7a 7a+
6c 6b 6b+ 6c 6c+ 7a 7a+ 7b
6c+ 6b+ 6c 6c+ 7a 7a+ 7b 7b+
7a 6c 6c+ 7a 7a+ 7b 7b+ 7c
7a+ 6c+ 7a 7a+ 7b 7b+ 7c 7c+