Holds Drive | Help make our climbing gym even better!

What makes a climbing gym special? There are probably only a few good answers to that question; hospitality and customer service, sense of community, cleanliness, and what many people may not think of right away, route setting.

Every person that walks through the doors of a climbing gym has one goal, to climb the wall! This is can be extremely boring, or extremely exciting, interesting, and helpful. It’s the route setters job to create routes that are interesting, and help teach new and experienced climbers how to move effectively on rock.

We work hard every week to keep the wall fresh for climbers of every skill level, and we hope our space is one that people keep coming back to for community and climbing. Our route setting is a major contributing factor to this hope.

To keep our routes fresh and exciting we rotate through a variety of holds, but as you can imagine, there comes a time when new holds are needed. Bigger gyms in the states set aside finances in their budgets for holds, as a small climbing gym in Southern Russia we don’t have the kind of budget.

This is where you come in: If you are at all interested in being apart of growing our sport among a new community of people you can support us by donating to our Holds Drive. You can pick from a variety of different holds that will directly support our gym and the local community!

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